"I’m almost certain that I injected just 20 minutes ago….or did I? "

On a busy day, if you’ve ever said that to yourself, InsulCheck is for you. With InsulCheck, as an insulin pen user, you are assured of eliminating the risk of double injections.

Knowing exactly when you last injected, which is the benefit of using InsulCheck's Insulin pen timer, means no double injections and helps you comply with your injection schedule. Insulcheck will keep you informed. And even if it tells you that you did not inject, then you may be able to catch up on a missed injection and thereby improve the control of your diabetes.

Benefits of InsulCheck for the person with diabetes

  • Every InsulCheck has a large clearly readable display that shows the time since last injection. This means this vital information is easy to access quickly and discreetly.
  • As a very light, small add-on, it will add no extra weight or bulk to your existing pen.
  • The InsulCheck unit only triggers when the injection is completed. This makes sure the most accurate information only is recorded and no false triggering is registered.
  • Once a fully completed injection has been administered you will see flashing confirmation in the form of a green light.
  • The InsulCheck product provides an additional and firm grip while you inject. Whether you are a younger, recently diagnosed person with diabetes or are in your later years, this can make your injections that bit easier.
  • InsulCheck works with most insulin pens on the market and can be used on both disposable and reusable pens.
  • And remember, there is no change to your existing schedule. InsulCheck triggers the timer automatically so there is no change to the injection process. InsulCheck is just about giving peace-of-mind and confidence in knowing you are injecting as you should be. No new buttons, no extra work, just more security.

People with diabetes all over the world have the very same feelings every day. So why take a chance? Insulcheck eliminates the danger and uncertainty. One glance at InsulCheck will tell you all you need to know.

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