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The new InsulCheck product now means that someone close to you with diabetes can eliminate the risk of double injecting forever. As you know, double injecting can lead to a hypo-glycaemic event and possible hospitalisation.

Whether someone in your family has just been diagnosed or has been dealing with diabetes their whole life, keeping up with medical and diabetes-related issues can be hard. For newly diagnosed people with diabetes, there is so much information to take in and it can feel like a whole new language sometimes.

InsulCheck is a product designed to help insulin pen users of all ages with one crucial aspect of managing their condition – the injection process. By clearly showing the time since their last injection, the person with diabetes has a record of when that was. It is quite normal for even the most practised people to forget that they have injected.

How Insulcheck can help the person with diabetes in your life

  • It clips on easily to their existing insulin pen and it will add no extra weight or bulk. This makes it easy for people with diabetes because it means that they do not have to change their pen.
  • Every InsulCheck product has a large, clearly readable display that shows the time since last injection. So, no matter where they are, they can find out this vital information fast and discreetly.
  • The InsulCheck unit only triggers when the injection is completed. This makes sure the most accurate information only is recorded and no false triggering is registered.
  • Once a fully completed injection has been completed, a flashing confirmation in the form of a green light can be clearly seen. This can help to ensure that the person you have in mind always finishes their full injection.
  • The InsulCheck product provides an additional and firm grip while they inject. The person you have in mind may be younger, recently diagnosed or might be an older person, and this can make their injections that bit easier.
  • InsulCheck works with most insulin pens on the market today and most likely on the ones they are using including both disposable and reusable pens
  • And remember, they will have to make no changes to their existing schedule. InsulCheck triggers the timer automatically so there is no change to the injection process.

InsulCheck is just about giving peace-of-mind and confidence in knowing they are injecting as they should be. No new buttons, no extra work, just more security.

If you know what pen they are already using, you can go ahead and purchase online now. If you are not sure, why not make them aware of InsulCheck today.

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