InsulCheck works for you and your patients with diabetes

As a healthcare professional specialising in diabetes, we understand how important it is for you to be aware of what InsulCheck can do for you. For your patients who administer their insulin using an insulin pen, we believe our product can offer you and them several benefits.

How Insulcheck can help your patients

  • InsulCheck is an electronic timer that clips onto most  insulin pens in seconds and displays the time since last injection. You can see a list of InsulCheck supported pens here and this list includes both permanent and disposable pens.
  • Helping your patient know for certain that an injection was administered, as InsulCheck does, will reduce the number of double injections. It will also help to decrease the instances of related severe hypoglycaemia and will contribute to improved patient compliance. That same information can help your patient to catch up on a missed injection in the event that they wrongly thought they had injected.
  • Automatically triggering on completion of injection is the best and safest method of confirming an injection. This means that your patient does not have to take any additional action after injecting. InsulCheck will only register on completion of a full dose. Scope for error dramatically decreases for patients with diabetes that use InsulCheck.
  • Once an injection is completed, InsulCheck resets the timer automatically. It then activates and blinks a green light so your patient gets visual confirmation of the timer being reset. This eliminates any doubts.
  • If you treat very young or older patients with diabetes, InsulCheck offers a large, easily readable display. It also locks firmly onto the insulin pen and will not fall off accidentally. Its position on the pen gives additional grip capability to your patient when injecting.

How InsulCheck can help you as a Healthcare Professional

  • InsulCheck will help many people with diabetes to comply with their injection schedule. Improved compliance may improve day-to-day glucose profiles and ultimately result in improved long term glycaemic control. Improved glycaemic control is known to reduce the incidence of long-term diabetes-related complications. The InsulCheck timer can be used to time post-prandial glucose checks after one and two hours and the timing of snacks between meals.
  • Knowing for certain that an injection was completed means that the frequency of hypos and related medical emergencies that result from double injections should decrease.
  • People with diabetes that take insulin, can often be anxious and fearful of their insulin. The peace-of-mind and certainty which InsulCheck adds to the injection process will contribute to reducing this fear and anxiety.
  • InsulCheck will be invaluable to diabetes specialists involved in educating newly diagnosed patients on how to deal with their condition. The ‘time since last injection’ feature will introduce a focus on timing that will add safety to the injection process and facilitate post-prandial measurements.
  • InsulCheck is of particular value to your female patients with diabetes in pregnancy who require insulin therapy. This includes Type 1, Type2 and approximately 40% of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus patients. These patients also have the additional requirement of needing to time their post-prandial food snacks and glucose checks carefully. InsulCheck provides that capability.

If you have any queries or comments about InsulCheck, we’d like to hear from you. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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